• Collection of the body from a mortuary

  • In the order to collect the body from a mortuary, it is necessary that the next of kin, relative, friend or someone who has known the deceased person formally identify the body. Also it is required to provide the identity card or passport and Death certificate and to bring the clothing for the deceased person as well.

  • What is a metal container and when it is obligatory

  • Metal container is made by metal sheet thickness up to 0.5-0.7 mm and placed in wooden coffin. The casket consists of two parts: the lower part placed in the lower part of the wooden coffin and the upper part, the lid, with the glass in the face area of deceased person. These components are to be joined by welding, so-called soldering. It is mandatory to use the metal container when remains are to be transported out of the country where the death occurred. It may be obligatory to use the metal container if autopsy has been done. There is an obligation to use the metal container when remains are to be transported out of the town where the body is collected, but this is not usual practice.

  • Autopsy (postmortem examination)

  • An autopsy is performed in the following cases:
    - when the deceased person spends less than 24 hours alive in hospital where the death occurred,
    - violent death
    - death under unclear circumstances
    - accident
    - at the request of the doctor
    - at the request of the coroner
    - at the request of the next-of-kin of the deceased.

  • Exhumation

  • Exhumation is the act of digging up a buried corpse after a certain period of time. Exhumation of human remains occurs for a number of reasons:
    - remains relocation to other place
    - under order of court in order to determinate the cause of death
    - remains transfer from mass burial

    Request for exhumations of remains or urn may be submitted:
    by the holder of the right to use of a burial place from which the exhumation is done, and
    by the executor of the funeral of the deceased whose remains are exhumed with the submission of the information on the other place of burial and the consent of the holder of the right to use of a burial place.
    Exhumation is permitted upon presentation of a permit for relocation of remains from the cemetery issued by the Municipality and a permit from the Office of the Sanitary Inspectorate.
    If the exhumed remains are transferred outside city cemeteries, it is required to submit a certificate on the possession of the burial place. The certificate is issued by the competent authority in the place where the remains are transferred.

  • Cremation

  • Cremation facilities exist in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Cremation ceremonies are performed every day at the New Cemetery, Cemetery Lešće, Cemetery Orlovača and Cemetery Zemun except on Sundays and at the first day of a national holiday. A request is submitted by the closest relative of the deceased or an authorized person. The body is cremated with the coffin. Cremated remains are then placed in an urn and buried in the ground or stored in a special memorial building.

  • Why is important that a funeral directors is licensed

  • When you choose a licensed funeral directors you absolutely eliminate any problem which could occur and be linked to any aspect of funeral, from a purchase of equipment through documentation gathering, collection and transportation of body, scheduling the ceremony till issuing invoices (fiscal and cash receipt) for goods and services. It is very important to highlight that we provide transport services with special attested funeral vehicles whose purpose is transportation of deceased person, i.e. remains. This certificate proves that is about vehicle with special purpose, thus the transport can be carrying out smoothly and in accordance with relevant authority and police regulation. It is obligatory to possess an attested funeral vehicle in order to have access to mortuary and to collect the body. Our company is registered at the mortuary in Deligradska Street and in several European cities. What is important when the company is registered is that you can give us the authorization and instead of you our funeral company will carry out of logistic and organization: documentation gathering, scheduling, collection of the body and transportation. We can also provide all required documentation for international transport, so you can perform all formalities regarding the declaration of death and reimbursement of expenses as well.

  • Payment options

  • Payment can be made by:
    - Payment on account
    - In cash
    - Post-dated chaque payment
    - By administrative ban
    - Consumer loan (interest rate is determined by bank)

    Monthly payments option through an installment agreement

    Reduction of funeral expenses for 44.107,00 dinars with pension cheque or bank statement, and photocopy of Death Certificate as well.