What to do in the event of death:

If death occurs in the apartment/at home the first thing to do is to contact the out of hours doctor service (local doctor, ambulance service, community health center...).

You will be required to provide the following information:
  • Your full names,
  • The deceased person’s full names,
  • When and where the death has occurred,
  • Address.

  • You need to prepare ID document of deceased person and ambulance service will issue a confirmation of death with which the death certificate could be obtained from the registrar of the municipality.

    If death occurs in a hospital or in community health centre, hospital personnel issues a confirmation of death. On the basis of this document the death certificate is obtained from the registrar of the municipality on whose territory the hospital is located. In some hospitals it is possible to collect the body from the hospital mortuary, although for the majority of hospitals in Belgrade the collection of the body is to be done in mortuary in Deligradska Street 26.

    If death occurs in a public place, or in case of violent death, and suicide it should be reported to ambulance service. The ambulance service will come on the scene with police and coroner’s officer. The coroner has the authority to order an autopsy and the body will be taken to a hospital mortuary.