International Funeral Services

If the death occurs abroad, you can contact one of our offices and as soon as possible our staff member will meet with you explaining you what to do. He will assist you to decide on the right choice of funeral equipment and arrange with you each detail regarding the collection of body, transportation and required documentation as well. In section Catalogue you can choose according to your wish a right model of coffin.

You need to provide the following documentation:

  • The passport of deceased
  • Marriage certificate, if the deceased person was married.
    In case you don’t have a marriage certificate translated we can arrange marriage certificate translation into the language of country where the death occurred
  • Burial license
    if the deceased person is to be buried in other country that the one those nationality he has. The burial license is issued by cemetery if it is about city cemetery. If it is about a village cemetery the burial license is issued by local community or priest. The burial license can be send by fax or email.

    We will carry out the rest of documentation, collection of body and welding the metal container and the following:

  • Medical report on cause of death
  • Death certificate - Auszung aus dem Sterbeeintrag/Extrait de l’acte de décès no
  • Scheduling the time of metal container welding with local funerals in town where the body is to be collected
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation from funerals
  • Collection of body and metal container welding
  • Confirmation of sanitary inspectors of the correct security of the casket - Leichenpass/Corpse - pass/Passeport de corps mort
  • Travel document to enter the country of final destination.

  • Once the body transportation is done, we provide you with the complete documentation in order that you can notify appropriate authorities of the death, reimburse the expenses and get the tax deduction. We will issue the bill in currency that you need. We provide the transport services in special attested funeral vehicles whose purpose is transportation of remains. Our vehicles are safe and clean. Our company is registered at Office of funeral services in several European cities as company providing the transportation services of deceased. This means that there is no risk during the collection of body.