Arrival by invitation

You can give us a call on 062 2468 99, and whether the death occurred at home or in hospital, we will come by invitation to your address as soon as possible. Our agent will meet with you and explain that to do. He will assist you to choose the funeral equipment and complete the entire organization of the funeral.

Organization of the funeral

Once the selection of funeral equipment is done, you can give us authorization and let us do everything on your behalf: funeral date and time arrangement, body transportation, required documentation gathering.

Required documentation

On your behalf we can provide all necessary documentation
Regarding the procedure of death registration and Death Certificate obtaining the following documents are required:

  • ID document of deceased person (ID card, passport or birth certificate)
  • Medical card
  • Medical certificate of death (issued by the doctor, ambulance service, hospital, community health center, depending on the place where the death occurred),in order to obtain Death Certificate this document need to be presented.

  • The registrar will also require the following details:
  • Name of the deceased
  • Personal identification number
  • Sex
  • Occupation/activity
  • Marital status
  • Education level
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Parents name
  • Mother maiden name

  • Death Certificate is issued by the registrar’s office for the district in which the death happened.

    As for the burial arrangement the following documents are required:
  • Death Certificate
  • ID card of person who submit request or authorization if the scheduling the burial is done by funeral directors
  • Burial license or proof of lease of burial palace (valid for town cemetery)
    This document is not required for village cemetery.

  • As for the reducing of funeral expenses (reimbursed by Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia) the following documents are required:
  • Photocopy of Death Certificate
  • Photocopy of ID card of person who submit request
  • Photocopy of pension cheque or bank statement of a deceased pension beneficiary
  • Photocopy of bank account card if you want to be paid on bank account
  • Original of funeral costs invoice
  • Filled request.

  • You need to submit above mentioned documents to Social Services or directly to Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade, Nemanjina Street 30.

    Transportation services

    We provide the transport services in special attested funeral vehicles whose purpose is transportation of remains. The main difference between the funeral vehicles and other type of vehicles is that in funeral vehicles the part where the coffin is placed is separated from the cabin. Also, there are few more important details: the funeral vehicles are equipped by special ventilation and cooling system, coffin holders and so on…The funeral vehicles must be marked with legal business name (company name).

    Our company performs transportation services of deceased person in the country and abroad. In section Contacts us you can find the list of countries where our funeral company carries out international transportation of deceased person.
    We also have permission to take and transport the deceased from the airport.
    The cost of transportation is calculated per kilometer.
    For transportation services we have on our disposal special attested funeral vehicles used only for that purpose. Our vehicles are safe and clean.

    Obituaries/Death Notice

    We make and print obituaries (posthumous placards). If you want the death notice with photograph, you must provide us with the photo of diceased person. We can prepare or assist you to write the appropriate text.
    We provide the service of announcing the obituaries in daily newspaper “Novosti” (phone 011/3028-073, 3028-074) and ”Politika” (phone 011/330-1554, 330-1555).

    Refrigeration facilities

    If the burial not takes place the same day and the body is in mortuary we can store the body in our refrigeration facilities

    Catering services

    We can offer you professional catering service that will meet your requirements. We can prepare the food for post-funeral reception, commemoration/death anniversary and for any other purposes as well.
    Our catering service offers Lenten/meatless food and meat meal.
    Usually the food is served as packed lunch and packed in lunch box which is divided into sections for reason of no mixing food.

    There is a Lenten/meatless pocked lunch and a meat pocked lunch.

    Meat pocked lunch
  • Grilled meat patty „Pljeskavica“ into portion of 100g and two pieces of pie.

  • Lenten packed lunch
  • Grilled fish patty and two pieces of pie.

  • We can prepare the hot dishes as well

    Meat menu
  • Chicken soup
  • Cabbage rolls „sarma“ or choucroute or stuffed peppers, depending on season and arrangement (two pieces per person)
  • Usually the main course is roast pork or lamb
  • Salads
  • Sweet delights: pie/pastry
  • Bread

  • Lenten menu:
  • Fish soup
  • Bean soup
  • Carp fish or some other fish depending of your requirements
  • Coleslaw salad or potato salad or both
  • Sweet delights: pie/pastry
  • Bread

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